Title: Fissure
EAD: 2019
Author: Kylia
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Genre: Alternate Universe; Alternate Version of S4 (minus certain events)
Relationship(s): Stiles/Peter
Content Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 5840
Summary: Stiles time with the Nogitsune awakened gifts from his mothers family, puts him on the Deadpool, and causes a rift in the pack.

Noah Stilinski startled awake suddenly. He looked around, not sure what had woken him. He heard a noise down the hall and rushed to Stiles room, knowing his son was probably having another nightmare.

He turned on the hall light so he’s be able to see into the room without disturbing his son, if he was still sleeping, by some strange miracle.

The scene that greeted him was neither surprising nor what a practical man like himself would hope to encounter in the middle of the night. Stiles was sitting up in bed, eyes wide and fearful as he stared at the lamp on his desk, flames still flickering from the edges of where the shattered and melted bulb had been. Noah noted there were a couple of scorch marks on the ceiling as well, but wasn’t sure if Stiles had seen them yet.

“Oh, kiddo.” He sighed.

Stiles took a deep breath and as his heart rate calmed the fire surrounded the lamp slowly went out.

“Another nightmare?” Noah asked.

“About the camp, and what happened there.” Stiles shuddered.

Noah sighed again. It had only been a few weeks since the Nogitsune had been gone and Stiles was still dealing with all it had left behind. It would probably be years before he could truly put it behind him. But the manifestation of Stiles’ Elemental abilities was something he could try to help his son with. That was something, Void Kitsune Spirit or not, both Stiles and Noah had been prepared for, no matter how unlikely it had been.

“Son, do you remember, when your mom was sick, and we talked about being an Elemental, and what that meant?”

Stiles smiled softly if a little sadly. “I remember I was eight, and you were trying to show me how mom and I were alike. You told me that she was an Earth Elemental, and that Dziadek was Fire, and that’s why you named me Mieczyslaw, because we shared Fire…but that we were different, mom and l, because I was like you too, part human, so I might not ever be able to do the stuff Dziadek could do.”

Noah nodded. “And you never have been able to…until now.”

Stiles leaned back against his pillows and stared at the scorch marks. “The Nogitsune woke up my Fire, or unlocked it or something.”

“I think so.” Noah agreed. “And now, you need to learn to control it.”

“Okay.” Stiles agreed easily enough, but he was not sure exactly how he could do that. This was something he was supposed to learn from his mom.  His dad was great, but he wasn’t…this wasn’t supposed to be his dad. Elemental Magic was his mom and her family. That all came from them. How was he going to learn anything now?  With her gone? He sighed and looked up at his father a little bleakly. “How?”

“Your mom left a lot of books. Some are probably specific to Earth, but others might be useful.”  Noah paused carefully taking in the look in Stiles eyes. “She would have wanted you to have it. Your heritage was very important.  She wanted to share that with you.”

Stiles nodded.  He knew that. Even though they had believed his human blood had made his magic too weak, his mother still shared their heritage with him, still told him about their people, as much as she could.  As much as he was able to understand in the time they had.

“Stiles!” Scott shouted at him, but then he just stopped and stared at Stiles. He couldn’t believe what he had witnessed.  Stiles…his best friend…or the guy he thought was his best friend, he wasn’t so sure anymore, his hands were on fire and he was just standing there.  He’d seen that deputy consumed by the flames while Stiles just stood there and watched. Scott watched as Stiles fingers clenched and then the fire just…went out, like it was just deprived of oxygen or something.

Stiles stared right back at Scott, but he wasn’t really sure what was happening here. Scott was looking like he didn’t recognize Stiles anymore, though to be fair he had been getting that look a lot, maybe since they realized he was the one to write that message on the chalkboard. It’s gotten worse as time went on. Scott wanted to help Stiles, worked tirelessly to save him, even when it cost them Allison, but there’s distance now, hesitance where there used to be trust.

Stiles knew, deep down in his core, where his fire was banked, that he couldn’t tell Scott about what he was, what’s he’s always been, because Scott wouldn’t understand. Maybe if he had told Scott before, before fear and betrayal, and Void had torn them apart, but now, it’s too late.

“You killed him.” Scott said quietly.

“He knocked us unconscious and set us on fire, Scott. What did you expect me to do?” Stiles was tired. Tired of the looks he sometimes gets and tired of having to explain himself.

“You should have died.” Scott whispered.

“Excuse me?” Stiles stepped back because what?

Scott shook his head. “No, I mean, you were on fire. Both Parrish and you. You both should be dead, or burned or something, but you just…walked out of that, and what…put Haigh in the burning car instead? As some sort of revenge?”

Well, that wasn’t exactly what happened. He had just shifted the flames a bit and caught the deputy before he could get too far from the car. He’s not too sure how Parrish survived though. He had gotten him out of the car but he wasn’t burning either, and his eyes were glowing, So it was no question he was some sort of fireproof supernatural as well.

Scott didn’t need to know any of that though. It was clear that they were starting to walk very different paths. He wasn’t sure what that meant, but his father was right. It didn’t have to mean anything. It could just be the natural progression of time and age and the people they were growing into.

“It wasn’t revenge. It was self-defense.” Stiles said stiffly.

Scott frowned. “I… I’m not sure if trust you anymore.” Scott said quietly.

It hurt to hear, but Stiles wasn’t surprised. “No, that’s clear.” He looked away from Scott towards where Parrish was talking softly to his father a few yards away. “If you find out anything new about the assassins, you think my dad needs to know, call him directly.” He turned away from Scott and walked away, not sure how he felt aside from weary.

“So…you want to tell me what really happened out there, not the edited version you and Parrish put in my report?” Noah asked as he leaned against the old spare bedroom, newly re-purposed into Stiles’ workroom.

Stiles opened a container of what looked like ash onto his work table and turned on the overhead light so he could take a closer look at it.

“Parrish and I were taking a drive to one of the addresses we got to look into the Orphans. We hadn’t gotten too far from town when the engine started making a weird noise. Jordan wanted to pull over to take a look. Haigh must have knocked him out. After a few minutes I got out to see if I could help or something and I was hit on the back of the head. We weren’t out long, I don’t think. He had us handcuffed to the car and was pouring gasoline around the car and was doing the villain monologue thing about getting a payday and how I was just a bonus. He lit the fire, and it went up fast. With the accelerant, I couldn’t really douse it, not until it had burned out a bit, but I didn’t want him getting away, So I sort of chased him down.”

“With the fire?” He asked just to be clear.

Stiles shrugged. “It was the only weapon I had.”

“Alright. And Parrish?”

Stiles shrugged. “I’m not sure. From what Haigh was babbling about he was the original target, so he must be on Lydia’s list, which means he’s some sort of supernatural, and he wasn’t even blistered, and his eyes glowed orange for a bit, So I’m guessing some sort of fireproof thing. Dragon, Hellbeast, Phoenix, etc…whatever it is, Jordan did not seem to be aware of it. He was pretty freaked out.”

Noah nodded. “I got that part.” He smiled briefly and then nodded towards Stiles’ table. “Is that from tonight?”

Stiles made an affirmative noise. “The ash seemed…altered once it passed through the secondary fire. I wanted to examine it.”

“The secondary fire?” Noah asked warily.

“The original fire he started around the car which is the one that was nudged after him, seemed to have been altered somewhat when it came into contact with both me and Jordan, in different ways. I want to see how.”

Noah nodded. Information was always good. He looked away for a second, almost reluctant to bring up the next subject. “I saw you talking to Scott out there.”

“Yep.” Stiles nodded.

For a second, Stiles hands shook and a ball of fire flickered into existence before it disappeared.

“He thinks I put Haigh into the car as some sort of revenge for setting Jordan and on fire. Oh, and he says we should have died.”

Noah wasn’t sure what to say to that. He knew logically that Scott probably just meant that any normal person would have died, and he understood that. As a father, he’s thankful his son was not, and has never been normal, but he understood where the confusion comes from. He also gets the thoughts of revenge. Stiles was not above revenge. Scott may not want to see it or admit it, but that was who Stiles was, that was always what Stiles had been capable of. In fact, Stiles did send the fire after Haigh, so it wasn’t entirely a wrong thought.

“Have you told Scott about the Elemental thing?” Noah asked, because he knew that knowing that might have something to do with what was going on here.

Stiles slumped a little. “No. Every time he looks at me, there’s this distance between us, this fear, like for a second when he sees me, he’s remembering the sword in the gut or the fact that Allison is gone and that’s on me.’

“That wasn’t you.” Noah said firmly.

And no, it wasn’t, but it didn’t make a difference. He still remembered it as if it was. Everyone else remembered Stiles’ face doing those things So it was the same thing.

“He said he wasn’t sure if he could trust me anymore.” Stiles told him, “but the thing is, I’m not sure can trust him either. So, where does that leave us?’

“Apart.” Noah answered, sad for his son, but knowing that he was strong, and he still had support, even if his oldest friend was no longer part of it.

Lydia Martin stormed into the Stilinski house at five am the next morning while Stiles was making tea.

Since his Elemental abilities started manifesting he’d discovered that coffee did weird things to his aura. He wasn’t even sure what that meant, but he had read his mother’s journal and how she stopped drinking coffee in high school when her power started growing, and he remembered conversations when he was younger between his parents about her and her tea.

He couldn’t imagine how tea could make that much of a difference but he thought he’d give it a try, and it actually did.

When Lydia placed her bag on the kitchen table and scowled at him fiercely, he grabbed another mug and poured her some tea.

“What’s up?” He finally asked.

“Scott called a pack meeting last night.” She said as she sat. “Which you did not go to.”

Stiles nodded. “I’m not part of the pack.” It still hurt a little to admit, but he was coming to terms with it.

“So I have learned.” She took a sip of her tea and seemed to calm a little. “He told the pack that you were no longer part of it and he wasn’t sure if you could be trusted.” She snorted at that but continued to drink her tea.

“Reactions?” He asked curiously, wondering if Scott was going to elaborate on his reasons or if others shared in his mistrust.

“Malia got up and walked out without anything else being said.” Lydia sighed. “Everyone else is either just following along because they don’t know any better, or are too stupid to think for themselves, or weren’t even there.’

“Who was missing?” Stiles wanted to know.

“Well Derek is still in New York. I talked to him last night. He was still debating about returning with this whole Assassin thing going on. Now with this going on too, he and Jackson are probably coming back. And Peter wasn’t there. You know he only goes to those meetings when you ask him to come. He won’t even respond to Scott. I’m not even sure if Scott thought to call him in this case, but it’s probably better he wasn’t there. As it is if Malia tells him what happened he’s going to be livid.”

Stiles sighed. “I’ll go by his place later and talk to him.”

Lydia arched a brow. She never asked how Stiles and Peter managed to work so well together and honestly she didn’t want to know. Now wasn’t the time, anyway. “Tell me what happened.”

Stiles shrugged and told her about the situation with Haigh and then stopped not sure what to say next.

“Parrish is fireproof?” She asked in curiosity.

“Yeah, but whatever he is, I don’t think he knows, he seemed pretty confused.”

“Okay.” She nodded, willing to deal with that later. “Scott?” She prodded.

“He doesn’t trust me. He hasn’t gotten over the Nogitsune thing. I’m not sure if he can’t forgive what happened, or if he thinks there’s something evil still lurking in there, or what…”

“Hmm…and now you’re setting people on fire.” Lydia nodded.

“That was self-defense.” Stiles protested.

Lydia waved that away. “Of course it was, but Scott is like the Pollyanna of Werewolves. You’re only good or evil. If you’re evil, you can’t be trusted and you need to be stopped. If you’re good, you don’t ever harm anyone, under any circumstances, ever, regardless of what they do to you. He doesn’t see any middle ground.”

Stiles nodded, knowing it was true. “What now?” He asked, not wanting to get into a big debate.

“Now, we’re going to my place to ward it. The Lakehouse too.”

Stiles eyes widened. He wasn’t expecting that. “What do you want me to ward it against?”

Lydia tilted her head in thought. They had already talked about him warding her house against ill intent but they were leery about doing it against supernatural creatures because of the pack. “Can you do it against specific people, or just wolves, etc…”

“What are you looking for here, Lydia?” Stiles wanted to know.

“If you warded it against Scott’s pack, who would that cover?” She asked cautiously.

Stiles blew out a breath. “Anyone who Scott considers Pack, anyone who considers themselves a part of Scott’s pack. So, Kira, possibly Melissa even though she’s human.”

“But not Malia?” Lydia asked. “Because she’s always considered herself a part of your pack.”

“Yeah, probably not.”

“And Peter, Derek, and Jackson?” Lydia questioned.

Stiles hesitated, unsure if she was looking to keep Peter out, or was considering him part of the safe list knowing that however things fell out, he would land on Stiles side.  “Definitely not Peter. He has never considered himself a part of Scott’s pack, and while Scott has accepted his help, he doesn’t really consider him a part of the pack. Same with Jackson. Scott hasn’t given him a thought since he went to London. I don’t even think he knows he’s been in New York for the last seven months or that I’ve been in contact with him. As for Derek. That’s a little iffier. If Derek considered himself part of Scott’s pack or vice versa, maybe. If only Scott considered him pack, but not Derek, I think he’d be fine; however, if Scott didn’t, and Derek still considered himself part of Scott’s pack, the warding may block him because it would be sensing Derek’s intent.”

“It’s good enough for me.” Lydia said.

Stiles hesitated. “Are you sure about this? Think about what kind of message you’ll be sending.”

Lydia smiled softly. “Stiles, you’re my best friend. I know it hasn’t always been that way, but it’s how it is now, and we need to stick together. We may not be monsters, but we are something else, and we need to walk that path together.”

Stiles climbed out of his Jeep and stared up at the familiar apartment building. Peter would probably already know he was here, but Peter would wait for him to make his way upstairs before he started acting as if Stiles had kept him waiting.

Normally he found Peter’s little games amusing, but today he was exhausted even though it was barely lunch time.

When he made it to the fifth floor and to the corner where Peter’s apartment was he found Peter leaning against the opened front door. The smile left his face as he got a look at Stiles.

“What’s wrong?”

“I take it Malia hasn’t been by yet?”

“Not in a few days.” Peter frowned. “Did something happen?” He inhaled Stiles scent to see if he could pick up anything to explain the expression on Stiles face or his general air of weariness. Stiles smelled like smoke and pine, but he always had to some degree. It had taken some getting used to at first, but now he understood where the scent of kindling came from. He couldn’t smell his daughter on Stiles, though he could smell Lydia and herbs, perhaps the scent of powdered crystals.

“Apparently our local True Alpha called a pack meeting last night.” Stiles said as he moved inside the apartment and moved towards the no doubt ridiculously expensive and really comfortable couch.

Peter rolled his eyes. He had absolutely no time for Scott and his meetings. He longed for the days when Derek was the Alpha and called meetings just to stare broodingly at everyone. “And what was this meeting about?” He noticed that Stiles had said apparently which indicated Stiles was not at the meeting. Trouble in paradise?

“Lydia told me that Scott wanted to inform the pack that I was untrustworthy and no longer pack.” Stiles stated simply with a shrug.

Peter snarled. He was not fooled by Stiles nonchalance.

“He what?”  He could feel his face shift at the outrage.  It was bad enough Talia’s ridiculous Emissary was filling Scott’s head with all sorts of nonsense, and the boy had absolutely no backbone to do what needed to be done, but to disrespect the one person who had the strength to do what Scott couldn’t?

Peter’s blue eyes flashed as the anger and frustration ran through him but Stiles grabbed him and moved him towards the couch. “Hey, hey.” He gripped his wrists tightly and then pressed their foreheads together. Stiles could feel the slight shift against his forehead but held on. “It doesn’t matter. It’s been building for months. Ever since I was possessed, maybe even before that. I wanted to kill Jennifer, and he was perfectly happy to let her go. We just don’t see things the same. Maybe it was always going to end this way.”

Peter took a deep breath and then let it out. “Derek told me that Scott was mad that Derek killed me, that he wanted to do it, because of that myth. It never would have worked.”

Stiles nodded against his head. “Even if it was possible, I don’t think he could have done it. Ripped out your throat. Not then, and not now.”

“He has no respect.” Peter nearly growled again. “After everything, to treat you like this. I remember watching him, right after I bit him.  I saw how out of control he was. It wasn’t Derek who helped him then. It was you.”

Stiles nodded once and then sighed.  “It’s different now. He blames me…for the Nogitsune, for Allison…and he thinks I murdered that deputy who tried to set me and Jordan Parrish on fire.” Stiles paused. “I haven’t told him about the Elemental thing yet.”

Peter snorts against him. “You shouldn’t have to. I could sense it in you the moment you were back to being just you again. I could sense it in you before too, but it was muted then, so I didn’t know what it was, but after the Spirit was gone? It was like an inferno waiting to burst out of your skin. If Scott was any sort of Wolf, any sort of Alpha he would know. You wouldn’t have to say a thing.”

“Peter.” Stiles said softly in reproach.

“You didn’t have to tell Lydia, Stiles. She knew, even before your name turned up on that list.  She knew that you weren’t human. My feral Malia knew too. You don’t have to be an Alpha, you just have to pay attention.”

“Okay.” Stiles nodded and then kissed him quick, because he didn’t want any more arguing. This whole week had been a nightmare and he couldn’t deal with anymore.

“You okay?” Noah asked as he watched his son collapse heavily on the couch.

“I think I just drew some pretty heavy line in the sand.” Stiles leaned back and stared at the ceiling.

“With the pack?” Noah asked worriedly.

Stiles hummed in agreement.

“What happened, son?” He sat on the chair in the living room and placed a hand on his son’s jittery knee.

“Lydia came over this morning. She was pretty upset. Apparently Scott called a pack meeting last night to tell everyone that I was no longer pack and couldn’t be trusted. Malia walked out, Lydia stayed for the meeting but then came over here first thing this morning to find out what had caused this. Once I told her the whole thing, she asked me to ward her house…against the pack.”

“Ooh boy.” Noah let out a breath. “What about the Hales?”

“Well, aside from Malia none of them were at the meeting. Derek is probably on his way back, with Jackson Whittemore. I saw Peter a little while ago. He’s pissed off, but more at the disrespect. He doesn’t actually care what Scott does, and since Lydia and his daughter are apparently siding with me, he’s perfectly fine to let Scott lie in the bed he’s made, so to speak.”

“And what about you?” Noah asked, but he could tell his son was feeling a little overwhelmed at the whole situation.

“I’m kind of pissed off, actually. I mean, I’m sort of awed that Lydia basically told them to fuck-off, but, mostly I’m pissed that Scott called a pack meeting just to tell them not to trust me and let them know I wasn’t pack. I’m not surprised about Peter either. Biting Scott is the single most regretful thing he’s done since waking from his coma, So…and Malia still has a lot of trouble with human things. She gets pack, in general, but her loyalty was always to me first, So I’m not surprised at her reaction.”

“Are you going to ward this place too?” Noah asked cautiously.

“I’m thinking about it.” Stiles answered honestly. I might sleep on it though and see how I feel in the morning.

“Good.” Noah answered. He wasn’t sure how he felt about how out of control this whole situation had gotten so quickly.  He wondered if he should maybe talk to Melissa to see if she had any insight.

Melissa McCall walked into the sheriff’s department confident. She was equal parts angry and frustrated, and maybe a little bit confused. But mostly she wanted Noah Stilinski to clarify some points for her if he was aware of what was going on and inform him of the facts she knew if he wasn’t. The story Scott told her made absolutely no sense at all, so she hoped there was some more information to be gained somewhere.

Deputy Parrish looked up when she entered and smiled. “Here to see the Sheriff, Mrs. McCall? Let me check if he’s free.”

Melissa nodded and watched as the earnest deputy got up and moved towards Noah’s office. He came back a minute later and told her to go on back.

Sheriff Noah Stilinski watched at Melissa came in. She seemed determined, but also upset. He had a feeling this was more fallout from the week’s confrontations. He was really not sure how much this group could handle, but they better figure it out, quick.

“Have a seat, Mel.” Noah offered. “Is this about the kids?”  He wasn’t sure what she knew or where she stood with the recent events, and he really wasn’t sure if it was something that they should be getting involved in, or if they should just support their kids while they dealt with it their own way.

Melissa nodded and let out a deep breath. “Scott came home last night. It was the first time we’d seen each other in several days. He was acting odd. He wanted me to keep the Mountain Ash barrier up when I was at home. He said he’d gone to talk to Deaton, to see if Mountain Ash could protect me from whatever might still be hiding in Stiles. Deaton said he wasn’t sure, but it couldn’t hurt.” She paused. “He wasn’t making much sense. Something is hiding in Stiles? Is it the Nogitsune again? Noah, what is going on?”

Noah sighed heavily. This just kept getting worse. “Mel, calm down. The Nogitsune isn’t back. There is nothing hiding in Stiles, not any more than there’s something hiding in Scott. He’s just different is all. Special.” He paused to think about how to tell her what Scott may have left out because apparently it was up to them to get involved.

“Okay. After what happened to the Walcott’s, have you heard about the others attacks?” Noah asked.

Melissa nodded. “A few people have been brought into the ER, DOA. And that whole mess at the school when they were supposed to be taking their PSAT’s”

Noah nodded. “Right. Well, at first this deadpool seemed to be centered on actual assassins, but several days ago whoever this benefactor is, decided to widen his base of killers. One of my deputies decided he could use the money and attacked Deputy Parrish and Stiles.”

Melissa’s eyes widened, and she sucked in a breath. “Are-are they alright?”

Noah nodded. “Deputy Haigh knocked them out and tried to set them on fire.” He paused a minute not sure how to explain the next part. “Stiles, he…he diverted the fire.”

She paused a moment before asking softly, “He’s like Claudia, isn’t he?”

“What?” Noah asked in surprise.

“I remember Claudia bringing her plants once a week into the long-term and terminal wards at the hospital to help the patients.” Melissa said quietly, her mind remembering her old friend. “I remember she never brought flowers. Just certain types of plants and they were all still rooted into soil. She said that they would help in their healing.”

“And did they?” Noah asked, his tone just as quiet.

Melissa nodded. “Those patients were terminal or otherwise not in a position to improve. Coma patients, and patients in vegetative states. However, the plants did help. There was some marked improvement. Nothing major, but maybe an improvement on the pain scale, or better results on the tests or improved motor control, or something. Not enough to cure them, or solve major issues, but enough to give them a slight bit of comfort in an otherwise dismal existence.

“I remember once, when the boys were playing at the park and she was watching him, her mind a million miles away. Suddenly she turned to me and said that Stiles took after her father and one day her little spark would turn into an inferno.” She looked at Noah then, her eyes sad and wistful. “I didn’t understand it then, but later, after she died, and all the plants she had brought into the wards seemed to wither away, I realized it was more than just a green thumb. Claudia’s gift with plants was something else…something magical, wasn’t it?”

Noah sighed heavily. “Yes. She and her entire family were Elementals. Stiles too, but since he is also half human, his grandmother believed that though his core was full of magical fire, he would never manifest.”

“But something has happened.” Melissa guessed.

“The Nogitsune happened, as far as we can tell.” He shrugged. “That’s not really the issue. Stiles is learning to control his power. The problem is there’s a rift forming between the Pack. This is where the whatever Scott told you and the thing with Deaton is probably coming from.”  He took a drink of his long cold coffee and decided to just tell her about the other night.

“My understanding is Scott and Stiles had a confrontation of some sort the night of the attack by Haigh. It seemed pretty serious. Afterwards Scott called a pack meeting, which Stiles was not invited to, and told the others that Stiles was no longer pack, and was not to be trusted.”

Melissa blew out a breath. “This is bad.”

“It’s worse. After that announcement, Malia walked out. Lydia stayed, but make no mistake she is on Stiles side in this, and while the Hales were not at the meeting, they are also siding with Stiles.”

“I thought Derek had left again and Cora’s still gone, right?” Melissa asked in confusion.

Noah nodded. “Cora is still in South America or wherever, but Derek is back. He just returned yesterday, bringing Jackson Whittemore with him. And of course Peter never left, so there’s that. I know you and Scott have your issues with Peter, and he generally has stayed out of the Pack stuff recently, but this situation has really pissed him off.”

Melissa quirked an eyebrow. “Why?”

Noah smiled wryly. “Stiles should have been less concerned about whether he was attractive to gay guys and more concerned if he was attractive to homicidal werewolves.” He shrugged.

“And…uh, you’re okay with that?” She wasn’t sure what to say, exactly. She knew their kids weren’t exactly kids anymore, but…Peter Hale?

“One thing I’ve learned, Stiles is a force of nature, and now that he’s literally a force of nature, that’s doubly true. Besides, when I met Claudia, she chose me, and made it clear it didn’t matter if her father had objections, so long as I didn’t; it was going to happen, so he better get used to the idea. Stiles takes after her.”

Melissa shook her head, trying to get back to the problem at hand, and not focus on Stiles’ love life. “Okay. From Scott’s rambling yesterday, it sounds like he believes that the Nogitsune is back, or that there’s something left behind, or I don’t know. So, he doesn’t know about the Elemental thing?”

Noah shook his head. “No.  Stiles hasn’t felt comfortable telling him.”

Melissa thought about that for a minute. She could maybe see where their friendship had frayed a little over the years, but that didn’t mean it had to end like this. “Okay, I can kind of see that, but if Scott knew about the Elemental thing, he would know Stiles could be trusted and that he wasn’t possessed still, or whatever he’s afraid of.”

Noah shook his head. “Stiles didn’t want to tell him. I’m not going to go behind his back on this. I’m not sure what the answer is here, Mel.” He hesitated a second. “Do you think…does Scott blame Stiles for what happened to Allison?”

Melissa wanted to say no. She wanted to point out, once again, that the being that was responsible for what happened to Allison wasn’t Stiles, but was the spirit inhabiting his body. However she knew that lecture wasn’t needed here. Noah knew that. Further, that wasn’t what he asked.

“I’d like to reassure you, but…” She hesitated.

“But you can’t.” Noah nodded, as if that was exactly what he expected.

“Noah.” She paused, not sure what she was going to say. She hated that their children’s friendship had come to this. For years they had been what each other depended on, but she’d also seen that as their circle of friends expanded, they each began to rely on others, on different people. They began to need different things. Maybe their friendship was doomed to drift apart at some point, and if not for the crazy of Beacon Hills it would have just happened like it did to so many others, while they were in college, or continued to grow into adulthood, and achieved their own separate lives. That wasn’t what had happened though, and now they’d have to deal with whatever happened next.

The sheriff laughed suddenly, but it was a sad sound. Melissa looked across the desk at him as he was shook his head.

“Stiles told me that this was inevitable that it had been building for a while. Maybe he sees things clearer than anyone. He’s…he’s upset by this but, he’s not letting how he feels change anything.

Melissa nodded. “Are you sure telling Scott about Stiles and…Claudia won’t change anything?”

Noah sighed again. “It might, but Stiles is having trust issues right now, and I don’t think he trusts Scott with this. Once he realized what was happening to him, he…he embraced it. It’s the one solid connection he has to his mother, something intrinsic to her and her side of the family that he inherited, and he values that in a way I can’t express.

“He won’t leave this open for any sort debate about whether or not he’s been possessed again or if his abilities are evil, because that implies his mother was something he knows in his heart she was not.”

Melissa let out a deep breath and nodded. She wasn’t sure how she could get the idea across to her son that whatever he was thinking about Stiles wasn’t true without actually telling him the truth. It was times like this she wished Scott knew more people like Lydia Martin who could probably provide the information without actually saying a word.

Though she knew her son well enough to know that he might not be able to pick up the clues she would have to leave.

In any case Lydia wasn’t an option at this point, so she would have to figure it out herself.


  1. Interesting that Melissa knew about Claudia years ago. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Enjoyed this. Hope you continue it at some point, because I was intrigued with the idea of Elemental Stiles.

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