The Past Comes Calling

Title: The Past Comes Calling
EAD: 2019
Author: Kylia
Fandom: X-Men
Genre: Alternate Universe; Story related
Relationship(s): None Yet
Content Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1270
Summary: After the truth comes out Remy decides to cut his losses and leave the X-Men.

The wind traveled at a leisurely pace through the trees, as if it had no hurry to get where it was going.  The lean man crouched near the base of one such tree and envied its ability to not care where it was going or what it would do once it got there.

It seemed he’d always had an agenda, some task he was trying to accomplish, whether it be the very act of survival or a task on a specific mission, he’d never have the opportunity to just…be.

He trained his unusual eyes on the feral creature several yards away, now nearly through with his Katas.  Since returning to Westchester he’d spent an inordinate amount of time watching Wolverine. He wasn’t entirely certain what it was about the man that drew his attention, only that it did, it had in fact almost from the beginning.

However, things had been different in the beginning.  In the beginning, he had come to Westchester with a purpose in mind.  His friendship with Ororo and his subsequent joining of the X-Men was just a part of the plan.

His involvement with Rogue was not, but she seemed the ideal person upon whom to focus his attentions.  She was no threat to him, not really. What she couldn’t touch she couldn’t understand.

Fortunately, understanding Remy Lebeau wasn’t something anyone had any real interest in pursuing.  That was fine. He had no interest in shedding his many layers just for the edification of a bunch of would-be heroes, especially if his history might be revealed in the process.

But now, his service to Sinister was over, and he could move on, free from the hold that man had over him.  Still, leaving Westchester was proving to be a little more difficult than he had anticipated.

“Need Somethin’?”  Wolverine growled turning to face his observer.

Remy quirked a grin at the older man, his mask firmly in place.  “Non, just…apprendre par coeur.”

Logan raised an eyebrow, his French was a little rusty, but he was pretty sure he knew what Gambit had just said, and it didn’t really fit with what he knew about the young man.  It also implied there was another, deeper meaning to be found. “Going somewhere?”

Logan watched as Lebeau shifted slightly and slowly stood.

“Oiu.”  He stepped closer to the older man.  “Adieu, Logan.” Remy paused as if unsure if he should say anything further and then moved swiftly away, disappearing into the trees.


“Were you even going to say goodbye?”  Ororo asked from the doorway that led into the garage.  Remy was just about to start the engine on his bike. He thought, for a second, of ignoring her question, but in the end, he knew he couldn’t.

“Non, cher.”  He turned to face her.  

She sighed deeply as she came forward and hugged her friend tightly.  “You will not stay?”

“Pour ce qui?”  He placed a hand on her cheek.  “I am not a hero. Things will always be different, now that…”

Storm smiled sadly.  “Now that they know who you are, and where you come from?  They only know what you have allowed them to know. A man’s past is his own, Remy, and none of us here can claim to be innocent.”  She looked at his beautiful eyes and willed him to listen to her, for once. “We all must choose our own path, brother, but I believe that leaving here, alone, like this is not yours.”  She paused again. “You have friends here, Remy, you have *family*.”

Gambit shifted carefully away from her, not daring to look too closely at her face or to think too much about her words.  “Je t’aime, soeur, mais je dois aller.” He turned away, started the engine and drove away without another backward glance.


“Where the hell is Gambit?”  Scott demanded coming into the kitchen.

“Left,”  Logan answered as he took a swallow of beer.

“What?”  Bobby asked.  “When?”

“Why?”  Beast added.

Logan shrugged.  “Couple hours ago.”

“It is true.”  Storm said as she stepped into the silence of the room.  “My brother has left us.”

“Aren’t we gonna find him?  Bring him back?” Bobby asked, confused.

“My young friend is right.  Mr. Lebeau has not been the same, since his return from that mission you sent him on.”  He looked at Scott with penetrating eyes. “What exactly was that mission?”

The entire room turned to look at Cyclops.  The man looked away from everyone. “It was personal.”  He left the crowded room before anyone else could question him further.

“Interesting,”  Logan commented, staring at where Scott had been standing.  

“Are you going to look for him?”  Ororo asked, noticing something new in Logan’s eyes.

Logan stood up.  “Was gonna wait a couple more days, make it more interesting, but if he’s out there, getting into some sort of trouble, I better head out sooner rather than later.”

Rogue snorted from where she was sitting, having decided to remain silent for this little conversation.  She’d already said her goodbye’s to the swamp rat and wasn’t sure how she felt about someone dragging him back again.  “He’s a grown man, Wolvie, he don’t need no protectin.”

Logan looked across the table at her.  “Don’t he?” He stood up and moved towards the door.  “We’ll see about that.”


“Do you think it is wise to leave this in Logan’s hands?”  Ororo asked Scott as she stepped into his office and closed the door behind her.

Scott stared at her but didn’t comment.

“If Logan goes after him, you can be certain he will find him.”

“Are you implying I don’t want Gambit back?”  Cyclops asked.

“Do you?”  She countered.  “I don’t know where you sent Remy, or what he did there, but you yourself said it was personal.  Once he returned he just packed up and left. The two are connected.”

“Not in the way you think, Ororo,”  Scott said quietly. “He doesn’t feel like he belongs here.”

Storm raised an eyebrow.  “He said as much.” She took a step closer to her fellow X-Man.  “Do you know why he feels that way?”

Scott looked away.  “Yes. We have…spoken of it.  He won’t listen to anything Jean or I say.  The professor has also spoken to him.”

Ororo took a deep breath.  “You think Logan can get through to him?”

“Maybe, maybe not, but he is the only one with any chance at all.”

“So, we’ll wait?”  She asked, not liking that plan.

“Well, there is something else…If Remy comes back; there is something the others should know.”

“About Remy?”

“About Sinister.”

\Remy Lebeau leaned back against the soft mattress, the smoke from his cigarette billowing up into the air.  He was expecting company. It had been three days since he left Westchester and it was about time for Scott to come looking for him.  He knew that the field leader wouldn’t let him just walk away, especially not after that last mission. He had purposely made his tracks easy to follow, wanting to get the confrontation over as quickly as possible.

The pounding on his door surprised him only because it wasn’t necessarily Scotts style.

“I know you’re in there.  I can smell ya. Open up!”  Logan shouted as he pounded again.

Remy climbed off of the bed and moved towards the door.  “Well, isn’t dis a surprise.” He smiled as he opened the door and allowed Wolverine entry.  “Miss me already?”


apprendre par coeur : learning by heart (i.e memorizing)

Pour ce qui : For what?

Je t’aime, cher, mais je dois aller : I love you, sister, but I must go

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