EAD: An Alpha’s Destiny

Title: An Alpha’s Destiny
Author: Kylia
Movie: The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)
Genre: Alternate Universe/Canon Divergence, TS Fusion
Relationship(s): Richard B. Riddick/Vaako
Content Rating: PG-13
Warnings:  Canon-Level Violence; Death (not of main characters)
Word Count: 2100
Summary: When Riddick crosses paths with the Necromongers, it puts him on a path towards a destiny he was not prepared for.


Dame Mayani Vaako watched the soldiers as they prepared to go down to the planet’s surface. This was a practiced maneuver they had done many times, on many worlds.

The Necromonger fleet hadn’t visited this particular system in decades, and they wouldn’t be here now if not for the ominous warnings the Lord Marshall received from a mysterious informant. She knew, as soon as the fleet had changed course, that her visions were upon them all.

Mayani could sense the Air Elemental hours before they arrived at Helion Prime. It had been over 700 cycles since she’d seen Aereon, but this time she wouldn’t be so easily deceived.

“Troops are being sent now.” Drea Scales said quietly as she joined Mayani. “My Lord has been tasked with finding the elemental and bringing her aboard.”

Mayani nodded. “It’s time. Soon we will see justice for our sisters.” She gave one last look at the assembling troops and then left to find her Lord. 

She found Vaako in the smaller planning room. It was on one of the upper levels. It had been used by Nephemil when the Basilica was first built. It had satisfied none of the subsequent Lord Marshalls because of its small size and remote location, so it was largely abandoned.

Vaako preferred to do his planning away from prying eyes. When she entered, he was looking at a star map for this sector, and his lips were pursed in that way that meant he was irritated.

“Husband, Zhylaw is going to the surface.”

Vaako hummed. “Who has he brought with him?”

“The Purifier, of course, and three teams for ground control. Two units of Lensors. Lord Toal has been assigned to quietly search for his target. Lord Scales has been sent for Aereon. Thira believes this is just a safety precaution.”

“He doesn’t believe what he’s been told, but will not dismiss it. He’s cautious because he fears true death.” Vaako observed.

“ We have always known he is a desperate man that let’s fear rule him, despite what he would have the fleet believe.”

“If he doubts the validity of the Prophecy than he can act without worry.”

“Perhaps. Do you believe Aereon told him the true prophecy?”

“No. She fears the true prophecy yet she wouldn’t risk Zhylaw acting against us. She has walked a very fine line these many years. To do more than she already has would result in in a fate worse than death and she would have no recourse but to accept the punishment the Plane would enact. 

Mayani nodded because she understood that fear. No elemental would survive the backlash the psionic plane would levy for such a betray. “Very well. Zhylaw awaits your arrival. Will you go?”

“He will have to wait longer. Go in my stead. Assist Scales in finding the Alpha and ensure he’s brought aboard.”

“Are you so certain he will be on this planet?”

“Aereon lured him here, though her reasons are unclear. She can’t truly believe her machinations will remain undected. Once Zhylaw realizes that the rumors he’s heard are true, and a Furyan has survived, he will need to determine if he is the one from the prophecy.” He looked up at his wife. “He will not want to risk a trip to the Threshold with an Alpha Furyan on board.” 

“Should we prepare the others?”

Vaako nodded. “Ask Rurah to do a sweep to deal with any problems. Once Zhylaw has returned, we may begin.”

“And Aereon?”

Once she is aboard, you can determine the risk and deal with it how you see fit.’

Mayani smiled for a second. “Very well.” She nodded to him and left the room.

Vaako turned away from his map and gazed out the window. From this part of the ship, he couldn’t see the planet below, but he could see the nebula cloud that had followed them through the system. He stepped up to the window and placed a hand on it. “Soon. We will be whole once again.”


Mayani Vaako took a detour through the Basilica on her way to the central level. She found Rurah in the room outside the Quasi-Dead chamber.Her sister was scowling into the chamber.

“Sister,” Rurah spoke softly without turning away from the Quasi-Dead.

“My lord has requested you do a sweep of those in the fleet.”

“Those on surface of the planet as well?” Rurah finally turned to face Mayani.

“No. We can wait for them until they return to the Basilica.” Mayani looked into the chamber and couldn’t help the shudder. “This abomination will not continue, Sister. My lord will keep his promise.”

Rurah sighed. “I know that we had to bide our time these many years, but our sisters have suffered so. I can feel the agony of their souls every moment they exist like this.”

“My lord will release them the moment it is safe to do so.”

“He believes the time is upon us? Rurah asked quietly.

“The Alpha is on this planet. He will be brought onboard. What happens after that will determine our course of action.”

Rurah took one last look at the Quasi-Dead and walked away.


The Purifier had just finished his conversion speech when he felt the presence of another Furyan. He turned slightly as Zhylaw began speaking. On the edge of the group of people arguing about their fate, he saw a man. He stood out amongst the Helion Prime natives. However even if he didn’t have the air of the warriors of his homeworld, he would know who and what he was.

The Purifier had met other Furyans throughout his time with the Necromongers. Only two, aside from himself, had ever been converted, nut neither of them had the aura of an Alpha.

He watched curiously as the Alpha exchanged words with the Lord Marshall. He focused on Zhylaw as the fight between the Alpha and Irgun. Zhylaw started out amused but frowned the ease the Alpha dispatched Irgun.

When Zhylaw invited the Alpha to the Basilica and Dame Vaako persuaded him to come willingly the Purifier knew the Necro threat would soon come to an end.


Mayani brought the Alpha onboard and took him took him towards the Quasi-Dead chamber, as ordered by Zhylaw, but detoured before they actually reached it. She brought him instead to Vaako’s planning room.

“My lord requests you speak to him.”

“Does he?” Riddick’s lips twitched. “I’m not much of a talker.”

Mayani smirked. “No, your people usually aren’t. Fuyans have always preferred action over words.”

Riddick frowned. “What do you know about Furyans?”

“My lord will explain”. She motioned him to the room. She stood in the doorway for a moment. “Vaako, our guest.” She turned away, leaving the two alone. She had a traitorous Elemental to deal with.

Aereon was being guarded by three of Scales’ men in the room Mayani had prepared just for her. She dismissed them but didn’t enter. Aereon was in chains but Mayani knew Aereon believed she was allowing the treatment. She was playing the docile prisoner, for now.

After a moment Mayani was joined by K’Indra and Aquila. 

“Shall we?” She entered the room, followed by her two sisters.

Aereon blinked when the three entered the room. She twitched in her chains as they entered. “This is a surprise.”

“is it?” K’Indra asked. “I wonder why. Did you not plot against us to ensure we were captured and forcibly converted by this perversion who violates every oath we take?”

Aereon frowned. “I believed Zhylaw had you killed. I…didn’t think he would convert you. He couldn’t hope to keep you contained, no matter how many purifications you were put through. The smartest thing would hav been to execute you.”

Mayani wasn’t sure why she was surprised by Aereon’s casual discussion of her treasonous actions.

“Zhylaw has forgotten who we were.” Aquila said.

Aereon’s eyes widened. “How?”

“Have you been so entrenched in your betrayal that you’ve forgotten what we are capable of” Rurah asked as she entered the room.

Aereon stared at the Spirit Elemental and blanched.

Aereon tried to flow away from both the other Elemtals and her chains, however she couldn’t change her density.

Mayani laughed. “ Your gifts won’t work in here. You’re as corporeal as any other race.”

Aereon tried again before she slumped down on the cot in the room. “What are you going to do with me?”

Mayani, K’Indra, Rurah, and Aquila exchanged a speaking glance before they intoned together, “Aereon, Air representive of the Elemental race, we, Earth, Water, Fire, and Spirit find you guilty of treason. You have forsaken your oaths, and have been cast from T’Vet. You shall forevermore be known as Morath,”

Rurah, Aquila, K’Indra and Mayani focused on their own abilities and stripped Aereon of her elemental abilities. Aereon sagged under the weight of their will.

“You shall remain a prisoner here until such time that we may call for Varhun.”

Aereon was left alone, weak, shaken, and terrified by what may happen to her. For all that she had not personally done anything, she knew that she would not escape punishment. Her crimes against her own race paled in comparison to what she had allowed to happen to Furya and the Velatosian.


Dame Vaako stood on the balcony overlooking the Lord Marshall’s throne room. There was a nervous energy in Basilica.  Those that followed her husband knew a change was coming.  Those that didn’t weren’t aware enough to be worried.


“What do you know about the history of your people? Or of how Furya’s destruction affected other worlds?”

Riddick had a flash of the vision he’d seen periodically over the past five years, of the woman in the visions telling him it was time for Furya to return, for their legacy to fill the skies again. He narrowed his eyes at the Necro. “Why don’t you tell me what you know?”

“Long ago, the Furyans were the guardians. They are a warrior race, gifted with heightened senses and a connection to the psionic plane.” Vaako turned to watch Riddick. “However, your kind couldn’t connect directly to the psionic plane. They needed a conduit. Furyans began forming bonds with the Velatose to act as that conduit. In time, those bonds became something more, and the Velatosian race became more than they were.”

“Even if I bought into your version of history, what does it matter now? My planet is gone; its people dead.”

“Not exactly.” Vaako turned back to the window. “The last Alpha on Furya was a fierce warrior named Shirah. She had…advanced notice of the coming attack. Her Raisón used the psionic plane to tap into cosmic energies, which would allow her to glimpse the future. Shirah knew an attack was coming, and she managed to evacuate some. Not nearly enough, but you are not the only one to survive.”

Riddick stared at Vaako. He had no reason to trust this Necro or anything he said, but at the same time, he knew the man spoke the truth. “How did you come by this information? You speak as if you were there.”

“No. I was on my way to the planet that would see me captured and converted for Zhylaw. Word came to me through my people’s communication array.”

Riddick watched Vaako silently for a moment. There was something about the words that seemed off, but he wasn’t sure what it was. Finally, he said, “If there are other Furyan survivors, why have I not seen them or heard of them before now?”

“Most went to ground, hiding amongst other races,” Vaako explained.

“I don’t know much about my people, but they’re not afraid of a fight. Why hide?”

“Because once the connection to the Psyionic plane was corrupted, the Velatosian were cut off, and this made the Furyans vulnerable. Without an Alpha to guide them and Raison to shelter them, your people were only an echo of their former selves.

“Once a new Alpha emerges, new Guardians will return. But until the threat to the Psionic plane is dealt with, the Velatosian are cut off.”



Amaia – Furyan word for a perfect match (Mate/Soulmate)

Lirateann – Humanoid gender-fluid alien species with some psychic abilities.

Morath – Elemental word for Oathbreaker

Raisón – Furyan word for Guide

T’Vet – Elemental word for Kin/Family.

Vahruhn – Elemental word for Balance – usually used in forms of justice and a resetting of scales.

Velatose – Space-born race of stellar phenomenon

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