Buffy: The Vampire Slayer & Angel

The Clock Struck One… When Willow and Drusilla are kidnapped, Angel, Spike, and Xander are forced into playing a game to retrieve them. Xander/Angel; Willow/Spike
Holiday Offerings Holiday-themed stories Xander/Angel
The Gypsy Curse In 1898 Darla brought Angelus a gift. This is what happened after. Xander/Angel;
It Begins With Death – Forever Knight Crossover After the Destruction of Adam and the Initiative, Xander once again leaves Sunnydale. This time he makes it further than Oxnard. His meeting with an ancient vampire changes his life in ways he could have never anticipated and brings into question everything he has ever learned about vampires. Xander/Angel/Spike; Nick/Javier
The Many Lives of Xander Harris – Highlander Crossover After the events of Becoming, Xander leaves Sunnydale and spends the next several years drifting from place to place, hunting and being hunted in equal measure. Xander/Angel
The Secrets We Keep Xander’s past comes back to haunt him, and he must decide if he will run, or face up to the challenge laid before him, and what that entails, while keeping his secrets…secret; Angel returns to Sunnydale to keep a promise he made long ago. Xander/Spike


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