Xena: Warrior Princess & Hercules: the Legendary Journeys


Story  Series Summary Pairing
Bloodlines Bloodlines Deaths on Olympus brings information about Joxer’s family to light, as well as truth about him to the surface. Ares/Joxer; Cupid/Strife
Element of War Bloodlines Ares and Joxer’s nuptials on Olympus. What could possibly go wrong? Ares/Joxer; Cupid/Strife
Family Ties N/A Cupid’s nuptials brings about some truths and forces some people to acknowledge things they were trying to keep hidden. Ares/Joxer; Cupid/Strife
Mischief’s Ire Mischief’s Ire Strife has had enough of a certain God’s interference and enlists the aide of Joxer, which causes more problems than it solves. Meanwhile, Joxer’s secret assignment is approaching completion. Ares/Joxer; Cupid/Strife
A Demon’s Rebirth Mischief’s Ire Joxer plays mediator between Strife and Apollo while being courted, and getting Xena’s help to complete a mission that will have far-reaching consequences. WiP Ares/Joxer; Cupid/Strife

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