A-Z Listing

2000 Light Years Away,
Light the Way 1
SGA – McKay/Sheppard
2150 Words
An ancient device helps John get something he wants.
A Demon’s Rebirth,
Mischief’s Ire 2
XWP – Ares/Joxer
11,100 Words – WiP
Joxer plays mediator between Strife and Apollo while being courted, and getting Xena’s help to complete a mission that will have far-reaching consequences.
Assumptions SGA – McKay/Sheppard
4700 Words
John and Rodney talk
Bloodlines 1
XWP 0 Ares/Joxer
30,000 Words
Deaths on Olympus brings information about Joxer’s family to light, as well as truth about him to the surface.
Breakfast SGA – EAD 2019
1720 Words
Lt Cadman shares breakfast and wisdom.
Breaking In HP – Blaise/Draco/Harry
3120 Words
Harry’s been receiving anonymous gifts from someone who clearly knows things about Harry that they shouldn’t.
Choices (And the Protection of the Territory) Teen Wolf/Shadowhunters – Peter/Stiles
33,150 Words
Stiles decides enough is enough. After learning some new information about his mother, which connects to a strange new power he’s been hiding, he decides to leave to get some training. Stiles eventually returns to BH when there’s trouble that isn’t being handled properly by the pack there, which opens a series of meetings and a test for the Alpha of the territory.
Conversations over Cocoa BtVS – Spike/Xander
1379 Words
Xander brings cocoa to Spike
Element of War,
Bloodlines 2
XWP – Ares/Joxer
22,300 Words
Ares and Joxer’s nuptials on Olympus. What could possibly go wrong?
Family Ties XWP – Ares/Joxer; Cupid/Strife
13,400 Words
Cupid’s nuptials brings about some truths and forces some people to acknowledge things they were trying to keep hidden.
Fissure Teen Wolf – EAD 2019
5840 Words
Stiles time with the Nogitsune awakened gifts from his mothers family, put him on the Deadpool, and caused a rift in the pack.
Holiday Beginnings BtVS – Spike/Xander; Faith/Willow
2018 Words
Several years after the fall of Sunnydale Willow plans a Holiday get-together.
Holiday Thing,
New Traditions 1
BtVS/Angel – Angel/Xander
7803 Words
Xander spends a lonely holiday in LA.
Home is What You Make It Criminal Minds – Morgan/Reid
10,850 Words
Both Reid and Morgan return home, but something slightly unexpected brings them together again.
Illumination BtVS – Spike/Xander
3663 Words
Willow wants to give Xander a present that will help him see things more clearly.
It Begins With Death BtVS/Forever Knight – Angel/Spike/Xander
38,350 Words
After the destruction of Adam and the Initiative Xander once again leaves Sunnydale. This time he makes it further than Oxnard. His meeting with an ancient vampire changes his life in ways he could have never anticipated and brings into question everything he has ever learned about vampires.
Jasper’s Teen Wolf – Derek/Stiles
3778 Words
Derek Hale needs protection on his newly rebuilt house and goes to the local magic shop for assistance, where he meets Stiles Stilinski.
Keeping Balance,
Keeper 3
Teen Wolf – Derek/Stiles; Peter/Sheriff
18,200 Words
The Pack is becoming a family, Stiles is learning what it means to be Fey, everything would be fine, if it wasn’t for the pesky problem of the bodies that keep turning up, despite the protection of the Nexus surrounding Beacon Hills. Oh Yeah, and there are decisions that need to be made about Scott’s Omega status.
Mischief’s Ire,
Mischief’s Ire 1
XWP – Ares/Joxer; Cupid/Strife
16,000 Words
Strife has had enough of a certain God’s interference and enlists the aide of Joxer, which causes more problems than it solves. Meanwhile, Joxer’s secret assignment is approaching completion.
Mistletoe, Kareoke and Revelations,
New Traditions 2
BtVS/Angel – Angel/Xander
5160 Words
Xander spends Christmas Eve with Angel
Rebuilding Family,
Keeper 2
Teen Wolf – Derek/Stiles
19,700 Words
Stiles is learning what it means to be Fey while trying to bring the pack together. Lucas does Peter a favor that may be more complicated than it first appears.
Sabbatical Interrupted Teen Wolf – Peter/Stiles
8,100 Words
Stiles and Peter’s well-earned sabbatical is interrupted when they are called in to investigate a case.
Something More ST: Enterprise – Reed/Tucker
700 Words
Trip and Reed talk after the impromptu birthday celebration.
Speed of Light,
Light the Way 2
SGA – McKay/Sheppard
1977 Words
Rodney wants to know where the puzzle box came from.
The Choosing,
The Hexator Chronicles
HP – Harry/Hermione; Draco/Neville
30,500 Words
Hogwarts re-opens after the war to some changes, students both new and old, and the return of an ancient courting rite.
The Clock Struck One… BtVS – Angel/Xander; Spike/Willow
19,700 Words
When Willow and Drusilla are kidnapped, Angel, Spike and Xander are forced into playing a game to retrieve them.
The Eye of Trevhamon,
Weilder 1
BtVS/Doom – Xander/John Grimm
22,700 Words
Several years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander Harris spends most of his time on the road. The New Watcher’s Council believes he’s traveling at their behest and he is acquiring information and artifacts for them. The truth is he has collected more knowledge and contacts than he has shared. When an assignment for the council has devastating consequences, extreme measures are taken to fix a situation that isn’t actually broken.
The Gypsy Curse BtVS – Angel/Xander
3290 Words
In 1898 Darla brought Angelus a gift. This is what happened after.
The Keeper of Beacon Hills,
Keeper 1
Teen Wolf – Derek/Stiles
25,800 Words
After time spent with Gerard Argent, Stiles learns the truth about his mother’s death and finds out he’s not as human as he’s always believed. He must face the same choice his mother did and discover if he has the Will to keep Beacon Hills safe for the future.
The Life Debt HP – EAD 2019
1835 Words
Severus Snape seeks an old friend’s help to fulfill an old promise.
The Many Lives of Xander Harris BtVS/Highlander – Angel/Xander
17,400 Words
After the events of Becoming, Xander leaves Sunnydale and spends the next several years drifting from place to place, hunting and being hunted in equal measure.
The Past Comes Calling X-Men – EAD 2019
1270 Words
After the truth comes out Remy decides to cut his losses and leave the X-Men.
The Poisoned Quill XWP – EAD 2019
5540 Words
Aphrodite losing her powers has unintended consequences.
The Secrets We Keep BtVS – Spike/Xander
21,500 Words
Xander’s past comes back to haunt him, and he must decide if he will run, or face up to the challenge laid before him, and what that entails, while keeping his secrets…secret; Angel returns to Sunnydale to keep a promise he made long ago.
The Way to a Man’s Heart is through his Tools BtVS – Spike/Xander
1700 Words
Xander thinks he’ll be spending the holiday alone. He’s anonymous gift giver has a different idea.
Three Days Teen Wolf – Derek/Stiles
735 Words
Stiles and Derek discuss a misunderstanding
Too Late SGA – McKay/Dex
1520 Words
Ronon knows Rodney better than he thinks he does.
Traditions Teen Wolf – Peter/Stiles
585 Words
Stiles celebrates in remembrance of his mother.
Welcome Home? MCU – Gen, implied Tony Stark/Stephen Strange
641 Words
Steve’s return to the Avengers isn’t what he imagined.

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