Three Days

Stiles watched the wolves in the pack run around and chase each other.  He turned slightly to Lydia, who was sitting on the porch of the rebuilt house.  Her nose was in a book on number theory, and he sort of wished he’d brought his notebook.

“He’s watching you again,”  Lydia said without looking up from her book.  “I saw him at that club last week when we went out after finals.”

“At Inferno?”  Stiles asked with a frown.  That had been a night to relax after a few weeks of stress.  Lydia and Stiles had gone alone because their class load was more extreme than others in the pack.

“Yeah.  He was in the back, just watching you dance.” 

“He just likes to brood about…whatever.  I’m sure it wasn’t anything personal. He probably didn’t even see me…just skulking for no particular reason.”

Lydia turned to look at him, her expression clearly indicating Stiles was either willfully blind or he was an idiot. “He threatened that guy you were dancing with.”

Stiles sighed and looked away from her out into the darkness.  There was heavy cloud cover, but he could still see the full moon.  He wondered if the moon affected born wolves the same way it seemed to affect the bitten ones.  If it did, it might explain Derek’s recent behavior.

Derek was naked and standing in the same position he had been in earlier, when he was watching the Betas.  Now though, his focus had turned to Stiles.

“I’ll speak to him,”  Stiles murmured to his friend, though he knew Derek could hear him.

The two watched each other carefully for a moment before Derek shifted and joined the betas.  Stiles continued to watch him, his eyes moving every few minutes to the other wolves.  He was going to have to talk to Derek soon.  He’d put it off long enough.

Two hours later, Stiles was in the kitchen putting the leftovers away.  He never knew how much they were going to eat on full moons, so he frequently made more than even five grown wolves and two magical humans could eat.

Stiles heard the sound of the last car drive away and took a deep breath as he waited for Derek to come back inside.

“We need to talk about this,”  Stiles said, motioning towards the front of the house.

“There’s nothing to talk about,”  Derek moved towards Stiles in the kitchen.

Stiles sighed in frustration.  “If you were anyone else, I’d have walked away by now.  But I know you have trouble expressing yourself like a real person.”

“If you were anyone else, I would have claimed you already,”  Derek responded, a slight growl in his voice. “You’re mine.” 

Stiles blinked, not even sure if he was glad Derek had responded with words or irritated because what?  “What does that even mean?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Then uncomplicated it, because this…what you’re doing right now?  What you did back at that club last week? Threatening some guy, for what?  The way you’ve been acting the last few weeks?  This goes beyond your usual Alpha bullshit, beyond how it was when we first met, when you were showing up out of nowhere and demanding help, or sneaking into my room for no reason I can fathom…it even goes beyond you watching me from across the street, or the coffee shop, or wherever I happen to be.  This, whatever this is, is something different, something new.”

“Not new.”  Derek mumbles.  “Just…I stopped ignoring it.”

“Just spit it out, Derek.”

“You’re my mate,”  Derek answered quickly.

Stiles opened his mouth to respond, then closed it as he thought that statement over.  “O-kay.  I’m your mate.  I don’t even know what to say to that.  I didn’t even think that was real.”

“It’s real,”  Derek assured. 

Stiles looked up at the skylight, and he could see the moon shining overhead, his mind wondering where lunacy ended and reality began. This was probably some weird effect of the lunar cycle

“Okay.”  Stiles turned back to the Alpha.  “I’m going to go home now.  And in three days, we can have this conversation again.”

“Nothing is going to change, Mieczyslaw .”

Stiles froze and looked up at the wolf, the red in his eyes nowhere to be found. “Then a few days won’t make any difference.”

Derek nodded once.  “Three days.”

Stiles left the house quickly but sat in his jeep for a minute, just breathing.  His eyes focused on the moon as he started the engine. 

 Three days.

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