EAD 2024

An Alpha’s DestinyRiddick UniverseWhen Riddick crosses paths with the Necromongers, it puts him on a path towards a destiny he was not prepared for.
Beyond DutyStar Trek (AOS)Star Trek: Beyond AU, focusing on Spock and Bones friendship
Depth PerceptionBtVS/SGAAlexander Harris was fourteen when he was told he’d never come online and classified as Dormant. Then he spent ten years fighting demons and other things better left forgotten. At twenty-six he spent more time traveling the hidden places than fighting demons until his best friend decided she knew what was best. Now he’s in another galaxy, running from something just as evil as the hellspawn he had left behind, and oh yeah…turns out he’s not a dormant guide. His Sentinel was just out of his reach.
DissonanceBtVS/Doom (2005)Follow-Up to Eye of Trevahmon
Fury’s PromiseRiddick universe
A Legacy of Love and FriendshipMCUTony Stark and Bucky Barnes had given up on finding that elusive connection.  A bunker in Siberia was not the place for them to realize that connections formed in trauma are forged in iron.
Transcending ExpectationsRiddick Universe Richard B. Riddick dealt with the previous Lord Marshall because it was necessary. And because it was the most expedient way to get what he wanted. Now he’s the leader of a race he’d rather see fully dead, immersed in a culture he doesn’t understand, trapped on ship with creepy people, and creepier architecture…and oh yeah, his Amaia…who’d married. He’ll have to do something about that. 

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